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Downloads  1/3/02 - Al Dukes Sings 'Paint it Black' Parody Song : January 3, 2002 - Al Dukes sings 'Take it Back' to the tune of the Rolling Stones' 'Paint it Black' about the Rolling Stones pinball machine he bought for Opie. (173.2 KB) 11-02-2007 784 0
Downloads  unaired Airsick song : Billy Staples was digging through his computer files and came across this song that Airsick put together for the millenium. It never aired because it was too long for broadcast, but Billy wanted to share it with fans of the show. (Unknown Size) 01-05-2005 1234 0
Downloads  Ron & Fez Closing Music : Here is the song that R&F have generally been using to close their show. It is "Vertigogo" by Combustible Edison, and it comes from the soundtrack to the movie "Four Rooms" (Unknown Size) 12-17-2004 1669 0
Downloads  Ron & Fez Opening Song - Kill Bill Trailer : This is the song that Ron & Fez have been using to open their show. It is "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei, and it appears on the Kill Bill I soundtrack. The particular version that they use (and the one available here), is from the audio of the first Kill Bill I trailer, and includes the sound effects from the trailer. (Unknown Size) 08-07-2004 1951 0
Downloads  Brother Joe's Black Earl Song ( : Brother Joe's parody song about Black Earl based on the song "Patches" (Unknown Size) 06-11-2004 2608 0
Downloads  Carter and Jeff do Karate Live on the Ron & Fez Show : At least this one sounds halfway decent...I am AWFUL. (Unknown Size) 07-10-2002 1962 0
Downloads  Carter and Jeff do Fuck Her Gently Live on the Ron & Fez Show : This is perhaps the worst recording of my voice I have ever heard. I was drunk and wearing a pair of awful black glasses, so I guess I deserve it. -Jeff (Unknown Size) 07-10-2002 5346 0
Downloads  Al's Billy Anthrax Song : The song Al sang about Billy's anthrax song, as written by Dan From Hoboken (Unknown Size) 10-22-2001 1565 0
Downloads's 5 Pumps Al Dukes Theme Song : Hahaha 5 pumps... hahahah (Unknown Size) 08-07-2001 1810 0
Downloads  Show Ending Song : This is the song that plays as the boys leave the studio... It's very happy :) (Unknown Size) 07-22-2001 3097 0
Downloads  Johnny Bravo : Here's the song they play after the first hour of the show featuring Cartoon Networks' Johnny Bravo (Unknown Size) 07-22-2001 2104 0
Downloads  Goodbye Timmy McVeigh Monday : This is another GREAT parody from the guys over at! (Unknown Size) 06-12-2001 1980 0
Downloads  Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66 - Mas Que Nada : The song that heads the last hour of the show. (Unknown Size) 06-09-2001 2471 0
Downloads  Insane Clown Posse: Oddities : The song that starts the show after the intro! (Unknown Size) 06-09-2001 4395 0

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