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Why can't I post, it says I need a username?
In order to post on the RonFez.Net message boards, you must provide a valid email address when you register. Before you are able to post, you will be sent a confirmation email, providing a URL link that must be clicked. If you do not click that specific link, your username and password will not be granted permission to post messages. So click the link, don't reply to the email.

Where can I find an Internet Stream of the Ron and Fez Show?
Infinity Broadcasting prohibits it's programs from being broadcast via the web. Infinity actively shuts down and prosecutes any rebroadcast or pirate stream of the show. That being said, pirate streams do exist and many members of do use them. BUT, to post the addresses on this board would be asking to shut them down. Nobody wants that. So, if you are looking for a stream, we suggest you become an active member of the board, gain the trust of members that seem like they use the pirate streams and try to covertly ask them for the stream. Getting an internet stream is much like buying crack, in more ways than one. Any post asking for streams will be deleted by the moderators.

I forgot my password, how do I find out what it was?
Click this link: Forgot my password, or go to the Login Page and click the proper link, and your info. will be emailed to you.

What are the guidelines on signature pictures? How do I put one in my posts?
Signature pictures should be no larger than 300 x 100 pixels and 40 kb. If your signature is too large you will be asked by a moderator to shrink it, if you fail to do so, your status may be changed, or worse. To put a signature picture in your posts: 1. First you must upload the image to a server. does not host pictures. The best thing to do is find a site the you can make a Free homepage and put it there. Some sites like AOL , Yahoo, and photobucket are good. Or just ask someone who has a sig pic. We are all friends here. 2. After Uploading the pic make note of the image's online URL click the link to View/Edit your profile. 3. In the "signature" form, use HTML to reference your image. (Use google to learn more about setting up an image source in HTML). NO FLASH SWF FILES CAN BE USED AS SIG PICS! NO PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGERY MAY BE USED IN YOUR SIG PIC!

What is the difference between a General Discussion and an Off Topic Post?
General Discussion refers to relevant Ron & Fez topics. It is for threads discussing matters of the show, topics that are currently being discussed on the show, etc. All other subjects of conversation belong in the Off Topic, which is broken down into sub-forums. It is important to keep posts in the proper forums in order to make navigation and discussion easier and more productive, so make an effort to be aware of where topics belong, especially when starting a new thread.

Where can I go to chat with members in real-time?
We are sharing a chat room with Foundry Music. By clicking the Chat Link at the top of all pages you will be directed to the Foundry Music & chat rooms. Here you can converse with visitors of both sites. But be warned that the same rules that apply to the board apply to the chat room, failure to act in a suitable manner will result in your being evicted from the chat. You must create an account to enter the chat room.

Can I be banned from the board?
Make no mistake about it, you can be banned from posting in the forum. People are not banned randomly or without due cause, so for the majority of you there is nothing to worry about. You can and will however be banned for the follow reasons: Spamming (posting two or more of the same message in multiple forums, advertising your personal website or event, etc.) inciting and/or pursuing arguments or infighting personally attacking other board members. posting pornography posting private information or photos of people without their permission racist posts THESE RULES APPLY TO PRIVATE MESSAGES (PM's) Also, we reserve the right to monitor IP addresses to ensure that banned members do not try to circumvent a banning by creating a new user account.

What does my rank and title mean (Rude and Rude, and so on)?
As a member of the RonFez.Net message boards you are automatically given a status based on your number of posts. The more posts you make, the higher your rank becomes. (Rude and Rude, DotCommando, Super Poster, and Big Ass Veteran) You may also be given a special user title by a moderator. DO NOT ASK TO HAVE YOUR STATUS CHANGED! Moderators will change your titles as they feel fit.

Do Ron & Fez actually read or post on the boards?
Ron regularly visits the site and mentions it on the air. Fez is too busy wooing his girlfriend in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

People tool on me for no apparent reason, what can I do to gain respect?
NOBODY has the right to abuse another board member. If you feel you are being abused on the board or in private messages please alert a MOD/ADMIN. Here are some ways to gain respect with our members. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE! Follow the general rules. Be intelligent and humorous, consider these discussions to be like any other conversation you would have in real life. Be productive and contribute intelligence and wit to the discussions, don't try too hard to be funny or impressive, just act naturally. Remember, nobody likes a character.

My post/thread was moved, deleted or locked. Why?
THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE! Generally posts are removed/locked for the following reasons: Posts contain pornography A similar topic has already been posted by another member. The topic contains the word "official" without getting permission from a RonFez.Net moderator. The topic contains personal spam from one user to another, or the user is trying to promote a personal event without RonFez.Net moderator permission. Personal spam includes in-fighting/threatening another user. The thread is headed in a generally mean-spirited direction where conversation has been replaced by petty name-calling and the discussion has nothing to do with the original topic. Posts/threads contain personal information/photos of/about another member posted without permission, including email, phone number, address etc. Posts contain images larger than 300 pixels and thus throws off the entire design of RonFez.Net Topic is considered spam and not relevant to any member on the board. Posts insult a moderator or Ron & Fez in general. If you're not a fan of the Ron & Fez show, you have no reason to be here. This is a fan site, not a place to bitch and moan about how much you dislike the show. If you have constructive criticism about a bit or spot, feel free to post that in feedback. Threads like "Ron & Fez suck co--" will be immediately removed/locked. In an effort to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for the female community on this board, any threads considered too sexual/over-the-top will be immediately locked. For example, threads like "I want to lick Sweet Melissa's pu---", and so forth. DO NOT start a new thread about the deleted/moved thread. These thread too will be moved/deleted. The general rule of thumb is, if you're not sure, ask a mod. You can PM any MOD/ADMIN at anytime.

How do I spread the word about RonFez.Net?
Feel free to use these banners below or link to us! Just use the following HTML: * To add our wide banner: Do not copy these directly into your HTML program. Copy to notepad first, then to your editor. Should look like this: <a href=""><img src=""></a> * Or to link to us: <a href=""></a> Should look like this:

What is extended vacation?
Extended vacation is our nice way of saying you are prohibited from posting on the message board due to violation of our user policies. You will be informed of the length of your posting prior to your "vacation". The average vacation time for first time offenders is a week. Second violation is a month. Third time is permanent banning from the board. Bear in mind these are more guidelines than rules, so banning periods may change significantly depending on the nature of your offense. All banning falls under the purview of the moderators. If you wish to appeal your banning, contact a moderator.

Can I hear Ron & Fez on the Internet? Do you know where I can get an internet stream to hear them?
For the time being, no. We do not know of any legal way to stream Ron & Fez live via the internet. It's against the law. Until they move to a company that allows streaming online, stop asking.

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