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You can save Ron and Fez for only $.37 a day.

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  • You can save Ron and Fez for only $.37 a day.

    Did you read correctly? Yes buddies, you did. You can save Ron and Fez for only $.37 a day. How is this possible? Well, let me explain it to you.

    Write a letter. Now, I know what your thinking. How original, write a stupid letter. Whats that gonna do? Alot, but only if you follow these instructions.

    If you REALLY want Ron and Fez back and be able to hear them once again on one station or another, you need to write a letter EVERY DAY!!! Without fail, and like clockwork. Wake up, get your coffee, on your way to work, drop off that Save Ron and Fez letter in those easily convienent giant blue metal containers on the sidewalks. They're called Mailboxes and they are everywhere. USE THEM! If you write one letter EVERY DAY until they are back, you will do alot of good. But imagine this, not only are you doing it, but every Buddy out there is doing it. Lets say, just an example that 1,000 people do it every day, can you imagine the overflow of letters! And you cant do it for a week and then stop. Everyday until they are back. It's only $.37 a day! If you cant spare that kind of money to hear them again, you dont deserve to call yourself a fan, or to even support them. Do your part. Only the people can bring them back.

    Todays going rate for 1 (one) stamp is only $.37. Just print out or write a NICE letter asking for the return of Ron and Fez to the New York Metropolitan Area. And Send it here:

    John Sykes CEO
    Infinity Broadcasting
    1515 Broadway
    51st floor
    New York NY 10036

    Maybe not WNEW, but another infinity station will have them back if you do this.

    And remember the words of Andy Dufresne:
    Only took six years. From now on, I send two letters a week instead of one.

    B.F. Jones Malone

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    Hey! That's a good idea.

    <img src="">
    Thanks Bobimpact and CZM!


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      I agree. We need to put up a united front. I was never on the message board until today, and I saw several other posts from people who are new to the board today because of this tragedy. Everyone needs to get together and do something - send letters to infinity, send your big ass cards, any kind of movement we can make to show them that they are wasting a huge listening audience by getting rid of Ron and Fez. And it has to continue, we can&#39;t do it for a week and give up. If the ratings for the


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        Just sent mine out for today. ROCK! Also, check out the thread where you can e-mail k-rock&#39;s program director. I put in the request box that I want to hear R & F from 7-10 and Eddie Trunk late nights.

        Jeff Brogowski


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          This is definetly a new way of putting the letter writing campaign. I have been sending numerous letters in support of keeping Ron and Fez in NY.

          "Treasure the experiences which you endure because they, unlike money, can not be replaced."


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            Im just checkin in all to see how everyone&#39;s letter mailing is going. Ive been doing it every day... HOW ABOUT YOU?!?! DO YOU CARE ENOUGH!?!? Im sure you do, let us know how its goin.