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Think about the entire R&F staff.

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  • Think about the entire R&F staff.

    Everyone on here is talking about how much it sucks to be losing R&F. What are we going to do?..etc....Myself included. But lets stop for a second and think about Ron, Fez, and the entire staff that put that show on the air. How about them? How bad does it suck for them? They've been living with this hanging over their heads for months. Those who remain have to pick up and move, those who dont remain, have to look for a new job. Its the nature of the business, and Ron and Fez know that. But they are the real victims here, not us.

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    F U

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    <A HREF="">Join The O&A Army!!</A> Please, help us save Black Earl.
    Yes, he is hung like a horse. One female porn star describes having sex with Johneewadd as like giving birth.


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      No, not f him, he makes a very good point.

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      Thanks ADF


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        dont feel to bad for most of them. Al dukes is the reason the whole station got fuked up. god dam loser coundt even work the dump button. got o&a canceled. Billy is a 5 time loser who is doing a temp job for the last 2 years. That job should have been filled by college students or people who had hopes of moving on. Roary is the show producer so hes probly going with them to dc but if not hes a "poor little rich boy, who has a mansion in the hamptons" i think hell survive some how. Wonder Girl is a faggit who was an intern, crys about his shithole of a life, and never left. Hawk is an assistant, he should have moved on too, then again hes never left queens b4 joining the show so its not a big deal for him. The only ones that will b missed are Tenacious C, and Black Earl. Earl has been ther like 15 years so he should b ok, and C is in promotions so she should b ok 2.


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          Al Dukes got O & A fired? Thats a good one. Sorry dude, I do feel bad for the people directly involved with the show.

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            Earl will never be fired thanks to affirmative action.