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WTF is up with pee pee pants Al

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  • WTF is up with pee pee pants Al

    I mean he wants to try to stand up for himself. But yet he is going to run to Jeremy because he cant handle Joe. Hello, standing up for yourself means dealing with the problem yourself, not running to Jeremy for advise you skirt( no offense to the ladies). What do you think Jeremy will think of you Al, when you crying to him because you lack the sack to deal with Joe.
    The solution is to lock those 2 up in a room and let whatever happen ,happen. This way it all gets aired out. If anyone needs to toss another over a bar, it will get done. Let it be off the record, but of course a microphone has to be put in to catch all the good stuff. This way its honest and forth coming.
    Its the only way this will be solved. Let them fight it out like brothers and they will grow to have some respect for each other after pummeling or yelling at each other. It will be good for them, but even better for us to listen too.
    LMAO cant wait to here the sissy, fag slapping fight

    Life is a piece of @#$%, then you die.
    Life of Brian

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    There's already a Dukes/Poo thread in this section.

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