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The Fantastic Four Cast

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  • The Fantastic Four Cast

    Hey all you comic movie fanatics. Here's the next cast to what is sure to be another Marvel Blockbuster.


    July 14, 2004

    Invisible Girl: Alba makes it 'Fantastic Four'

    Jessica Alba has been cast as the Invisible Girl for 20th Century Fox's upcoming Marvel Comics adaptation "Fantastic Four." Alba, whose features include "Sin City" and "Out of the Blue," beat out stiff competition for the role that included Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks. She joins Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd as the adventure-seeking quartet made up of scientist Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Gruffudd); his love interest, Susan Storm/the Invisible Girl (Alba); her brother, Johnny Storm/the Human Torch (Chris Evans); and Reed's best friend, Benjamin Grimm/the Thing (Chiklis). The four develop superpowers when their spaceship is exposed to cosmic radiation. Tim Story is set to direct. Producers include Avi Arad's Marvel Studios, 1492 Pictures, Constantin Films and Ralph Winter. At Fox, TCF senior vp Alex Young is overseeing for division head Hutch Parker. Simon Kinberg is writing the script. Alba is repped by Endeavor. (Liza Foreman and Borys Kit)

    It looks like that the story of the movie will be based more upon the new Ultimate Fantastic Four series out now. In that story, they get their powers when Reed's old college buddy Victor Van Damme purpsefully screws up Reed's transdimentional machine's coordinates, and makes the future Four and Van Damme get teleported through a strange dimension which gives them their powers and then landing on different corners of the Earth.

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    Thanks for the update spicey, I'm looking forward to some updated Alba photos (not to be confused with updated ABBA photos - which I'm sure are hot too).

    BTW, for other Fantastic Four news, Hoojibs started a thread:


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      I don't see it. I'm picturing this chick with blonde hair and all I see is Christine Aguilera.

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        As Jeff pointed out, this is a duplicate thread.

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