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Do you have questions that need to be answered?

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  • Do you have questions that need to be answered?

    Well then let Psychic Stevie help! He knows all, see's all, and drools on himself.

    Will you be a millionare? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Will laughing at this site send you straight to hell?

    <A HREF=" &#39;s%20Answers&width=450&height=350&quality=best ">ASK STEVIE!!</A>

    Dont believe me? Well here&#39;s Psychic Stevie&#39;s <A HREF=" Stevie&width=450&height=350">commercial</A>

    I made one call to Psychic Stevie and now not only am I a millionare, I chew on my shoulder! THANK YOU PSYCHIC STEVIE!!

    I crush the rush! I rule you fool!

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    well, it seems that i will go to heaven, i will never love someone, none will ever love me, brandon lee is going to come back from the dead like he did in the movie &#39;the crow,&#39; and yes, the first rule of fight club is that you don&#39;t talk about fight club. thank you psychic steve!

    <img src=>
    big thanks to winterembers and tazz, i love you guys!


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      Horde King is useless now.

      <embed src="" width=300 height=100>
      Take a Chance, Take a Chance


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        I dont understand if i dead how m i writing this.....arg i m a pirate ghost ....shucle berries

        Cause its butters

        Well thats me


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          Horde King is useless now
          Does that mean that Stevie&#39;ll be
          a new Mod?

          USA 2002!
          <img src="" width=300 height=100 >
          Thanks CZM!
          <a href="aim:goim?screenname=furie1335&message=You_ar e_Number_6">IM:Furie1335 </a>


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            i think i might be going to hell a lil faster now!that shyt was funny.the best part is his teeth.

            Sunshine i wanna lap dance on my tongue
            <IMG SRC="">
            "I am willing to do anything to
            calm the storm that is with-in your heart"

            "If you dont intend on letting me eat your
            puss* dont put it in my face"


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              ok terrific....

              <img src="">
              <b>MEOW! thank you cheezeemee</b>
              <a href= target=New>
              <img src= border=0>