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UPS delivery; and pickup??

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  • UPS delivery; and pickup??

    No, it's not some Penthouse story about me picking up some hot UPS babe...

    I had a UPS delivery today. I expected it today, and was around for it. I cut the lawn for a while, then go inside, clean up, hang on the puter for a bit; no problem, the package will get here...

    I look in the garage about an hour later, and there's the package. In my garage. Just...there.

    My garage door was open. So, that's my fault. But is it UPS policy to just leave the box there, not even ring the bell? And what's the deal with leaving it in the garage? Weather? fine, but it wasn;t like a foot in the garage, it was more like all the way in the garage, near the door to go in the house.

    I dont have any art treasures in the garage, but it seems weird they can just leave stuff. And this wasn't chump change; it was a music instrument worth around $400.

    What if I just played 'Hey, I never got the package; I never saw a truck, never saw a UPS person that day. I'll be needing that refund in 48 hours, thank you. you say the computer tracking says it was Dr0pped off? Well, that's nice, but I still never got, and never saw a UPS package, van, or person.'


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    Brown used to ring the bell and try to get someone, but with more and more packages to deliver and cute secretaries to flirt with, now they just make a vague motion in the direction of your doorbell.

    Just another sign that the barbarians are at the gate.

    " and they ask me why I drink"


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      they still ring my bell, but i usually just stare at them through the blinds and wait for them to leave the package and drive away. although recently they just go right to the back door cuz they know i won&#39;t answer.

      yea...thats what happens to ME.

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      Makin&#39; my own sigs cuz I&#39;m still unknown on this site and too lazy to ask anyone else to make them for me.

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        Was the signature waived? They can leave it if the signature is waived. I&#39;m not sure what their liability is if it&#39;s stolen.

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          As a former UPS driver, we were allowed to leave packages if it didnt require a signature and it was safe and the place the package was placed was sheltered. Typically we tried to leave it out back, and leave a note on the front door indicating that. Management frowned on you bringing back packages, so they tried to get you to leave it with a neighbor, or whatever. The only rule was that your not allowed to leave packages at apartment doors, out in the rain, dangerous places, etc. When you deliver it, you scan the package and there is a series of descriptive buttons and prompts that the DIAD asks you, like if you left with a man, woman, boy, girl, porch, front door, back door, GARAGE, etc. Its true. Sure alot of people claim non delivery, they always investigate it and Im sure the company that sent it has a value on it and would collect if it went missing. It was probably the most physically uncomfortable job I ever had. (I worked in winter and that truck was like a refrigerator and the seat was like a cinder block!)

          Many Thanks Soup!


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            (I worked in winter and that truck was like a refrigerator and the seat was like a cinder block!)
            But in the summer you got to wear those uber sexy brown shorts.

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