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  • Hate Sex

    Why do men (I can't speak for women) love it.

    And here is what I mean by hate sex...

    when there is a person who you absolutely don't like.

    Someone who you may or may not be attracted to physically

    Someone who's personality you hate

    Someone that over time you have come to loathe...

    yet if the opportunity arose ... you would Fuck em'


    Here is my personal example:

    ... in college, there was this one girl.

    She was one of the hottest girls I ever met... but she was the BIGGEST CUNT EVER!!! (sorry to drop the C word)

    I use to tool on this girl every chance I got. I threw her out of my house twice during 2 parties.

    I once dumped a beer on her head cause I thought she was having to good of a time at this other party.

    She dated two friends of mine, dicked them both over, and I never forgave her for it

    I have had numerous screaming arguments where she has slapped me in the face on more than one occasion

    One time, in the dining hall, out of nowhere she came up to me and dropped an entire tray of food on my head.

    She is the most self centered, superficial bitch I ever met

    ... and senior year, one night out at the bar, we went home and had the most angry, vicious sex I have ever experienced.

    so I ask you oh wise one... where did that come from???

    And why do guys (again, I cannot speak for girls) get off on hate sex???

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    There is nothing more exhilerating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?
    ---Tom Poo

    (thanks Fallon for the sig!)

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    It is because we are animals and feel the need to do it anytime, anywhere any nature, sort of the same way that eagles mate at high elevations...

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    "My father would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark and accuse cheasnuts of being lazy...I assure you there is nothing like a shrown scrotum"
    Thank you WWF Fallon for the sig


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      i think most guys, especially when they&#39;re younger will usually take what they can get as far as getting laid, with some exceptions, of course.

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        Tom, that is a fuckin funny story bro! If I were in your position I&#39;d do the same exact thing, but the thing is I&#39;m not sure why, so I couldn&#39;t give you an answer to your question.


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        Thanks Fallon for the sig!


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          I thoguht this was gogin to be about Jungle Feaver

          number 333 its the way to be