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Police chief's home torched after captive dies

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  • Police chief's home torched after captive dies

    <a href="" target="_self">MARSHALLVILLE, Ga. - Several people broke into the police chief&rsquo;s house and burned it down early Friday, a few hours after a man died in police custody, authorities said.</a>

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    <p>I hate to admit this, because I generally support any honest cop, but I think this was pretty cool. The poor guy did die in custody, and the one who&#39;s in charge paid a price for it. Something that almost never seems to happen in real life. Especially in the South. <br /> </p><p>That being said, I cant see what the cops did that was wrong, and something tells me if I met the people who did this, I&#39;d be back on the cop&#39;s side. &nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Its sort of like a &quot;legalize marijuana&quot; rally. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but if you&#39;ve ever seen the people who show up at those rallies you start saying to yourself &quot;You know, maybe we should keep this stuff illegal&quot;&nbsp;</p>

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      Boy this was a dumb move.&nbsp; Other than killing a cop, I can&#39;t think of something that will piss off the police more than burning one of their homes.&nbsp; And the FBI is involved.&nbsp; A small town like that, they&#39;ll find who did this.


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        <p><img src="" border="0" /></p><p>Let&#39;s all go have some sponge cake and a little wine...</p>

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          <p><br />Misguided justice.&nbsp; The article leaves a lot to the imagination, but the facts they do offer don&#39;t point to anything being the police chiefs fault above the rest.&nbsp; I wish they could expand much further on this part:</p><p>&nbsp;James Jackson, a brother of Clarence Walker, said Walker angered the
          police because he often ran away from them. He said the police chief
          had let it be known around town that his officers would arrest Walker
          &ldquo;dead or alive.&rdquo;<br />&nbsp;_</p><p>&nbsp;The article doesn&#39;t get a real quote from James Jackson, I wish they did and with any luck the investigation will provide more info on both sides.&nbsp; If the police chief really said that and people knew, then their motivation to attack him makes more sense.<br /></p>

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