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Those Damn Butterflys........

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  • Those Damn Butterflys........

    Has n e one ever felt those butterflys when ur w/ sum w/o being in love...i was just wondering if it is possible. Cuz i am definately feeling them...i feel alot for this guy...but im not that sure.

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    i only feel butterflies when im nervous about something that just might change my life!

    this is what you do....right the guy a letter telling him just how you feel,if he is an openminded person he will appreciate it.

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      just do what you&#39;d always do. support him. be his friend. and don&#39;t screw the friendship up. just remember to be upfront about everything and not to loose your chance. love is important.

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        Has n e one ever felt those butterflys when ur w/ sum w/o being in love...
        I feel them when I am sexually aroused by someone. I have come not to equate it with being in love by default.

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          i get those all the time when i am around a guy i am attracted to....i get all goofy- i already naturally am goofy and awkward

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