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Listening Threads A place for running commentary for your favorite XM 202: The Virus and FreeFM shows

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You just ruined any chance of me getting hard
Because I'm old, and shit.
I have no junk.

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Originally Posted by sailor View Post
Fez can't even pick up the melody, but I'm sure he'd crush hicks in a hum-off.
Talk about some BAD hummers!
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Same horrible person I've always been.
I'm just a dick

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Ok, skrillex was the most boring thing I've ever heard; don't get the appeal on any level. Dub step sounds like a video game soundtrack.
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I'm a fat fuck

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Originally Posted by Melk View Post
The Japanese forest gets way too much mainstream western press. People commit suicide just by jumping in front of the JR trains in Tokyo and Osaka more often than would normally be considered acceptable in western countries.

A lot of suicides in Japan are re-categorized as accidental by investigators when people do things like run a gas heater without opening a vent or window. In the scheme of things, that forest isn't even comparable to many famous bridges in the US.
I watched a show about that on Ancient Aliens Last night. It was very intriguing on how Mt Fuji is actually a host mountain to Alien life forms and having them mentally control humans that get to close to the entrances and source of there power. They cause them to commit suicide to keep it a secret from the humans in power.

Joethebartender sizzles my pan!

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