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Judge Smails
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Default Harry Elvis makes it to one of those random internet lists

The 10 Most Satisfying Cases of Hecklers Getting Destroyed

If this list is a core sample of heckling as a whole, you'll notice that the two most likely people to butt fuck an act are drunk men and pretty girls ... who are also drunk. The latter is the case when Harry Terjanian kept getting interrupted by a woman who was actually responding to his jokes as if they were a conversation aimed directly at her. Because to answer Jamie Kennedy's above mental question ... yes, humans really can be exactly that fucking stupid. Harry asks the audience if they ever wonder if they're going crazy and she, apparently having just left the house for the first time since her childhood abduction, responds, "A thousand times." He finally has enough and responds, "Just because you're drunk doesn't mean you're crazy. It just means you have no self-control."

He transitions back to his story, but she still didn't get the picture, because some people can only be taught a lesson via gunshot. Right after his punchline, she says, "Really?" And that's when he loses it, saying, "Here's the thing I love about you ..." Finally realizing that she's about to get the full brunt of his wrath, she interrupts and tries to end it on her terms with a pleading, "OK, OK, OK." But it was too late. Harry locks her in like an S&M sex swing, saying, "Now you can't leave." Followed by hard, cold, blunt reality:

And, of course #1 on the list is Bill Burr vs. Philadelphia
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some outstanding work in that top 10
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Wow! I watched all of those, and loved every minute. Bill Burr deserves a medal.
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his line of "you're like that dvd commentary that no one wants to hear" was fantastic,good find smails

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just like a woman's flower.
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John Cheese is a solid writer on Cracked and my favorite. He has a lot of good lists.

This only proves how well he does his research for his articles.
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