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There is nothing NOTHING like the rassling of the NWA in the mid eighties. There never will be better wrestling than in those dark and smokey arenas in the Carolinas. With the house lights down and the patrons chewing tobacco and beef jerky, rasslers like Tully Blanchard and Rick Steamboat and Roddy Piper, Kabuki, Flair, JYD and Dick Slater put on the best DAMN rassling the world will ever see.

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Hell Yes!!! The Mid-Atlantic days were great, my favorite territory. NWA-JCP years were enjoyable too. Just too bad they had to be brought out by the Superstation. (Note to self: Buy more tapes)

But don't take my word for it...Doot-Doo-Doot!!
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Damn, I really miss those days. Those guys were the best. Wrestling is so bad now. it just makes me want to watch the old videos even more. Time to go watch Starrcade 83.

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