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Weird Medicine Your medical questions, advice and information courtesy of Doctor Steve

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Lightbulb How to properly insert a suppository

I learned something today and thought I'd share in what I think is the most appropriate forum....

Mode of insertion

In 1991, Abd-El-Maeboud and his colleagues published a study in The Lancet,[1] based upon their investigation into whether there was some hidden and forgotten knowledge behind the traditional shape of a rectal suppository.

Their research very clearly demonstrated that there was, indeed, a very good reason for the traditional "torpedo" shape; namely, that the shape had a strong influence on the extent to which the rectal suppository traveled internally and, thus, upon its increased efficiency.

They (counter-intuitively) found that the ideal mode of insertion was to insert suppositories "blunt"-end first, rather than the generally used mode of inserting the "pointy"-end first. This conclusion was based on the greater distance of internal travel of the suppository once inserted, which was entirely a mechanical consequence of the natural actions of the bowel's muscular structure and the rectal configuration.

As a consequence, and in order to guarantee the maximum optimal efficiency, they recommended that all rectal suppositories be inserted "blunt"-end first. The findings of this single study have been challenged as insufficient evidence on which to base clinical practice/
Who would've thought! Sort of a "square peg into a round hole" exception proving the rule.
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